Farah Deeba Akram is an inspiring social activist, poetess and intellectual with eleven years of experience in the field of Education, Empowerment and Social Awareness among various socio-economic classes of Pakistan. She has earned MS degree with specialization in Islamic Feminism and currently pursuing her Ph.D.

Farah is currently leading and nurturing her brainchild community development model “Aalam Bibi Trust (ABT)” which she founded in 2005, in a sub-urban area of Lahore. Farah has been implementing many projects and programs of integrated development since last eleven years.

In 2010, Farah’s “Nasri Nazam” published in the form of book “Muhabbat Aatta Ha”

2011, after being selected as a “non-official visitor of Lahore Prisons” by the Government of Punjab, she started the welfare programs for prisoners. She has counseling sessions and provided free education and legal assistance to poor prisoners.

In June 2012, she was honored to be the first youngest Executive Member of PSWRS (Amin Muktab), which is the pioneer institute of Mentally Challenged Children of Pakistan. Since 2013, she has joined Eisaar Trust as a supervisor of literacy program.

She is also founder and mediator of an intellectual forum BAITHAK. The forum has provided a social space for the inculcation of literary discourse and critical thinking in youth from 2004 to 2012. Now, she is working as social responsibility motivator in many colleges, universities and media channels.

Seeing her passion in humanity, she was awarded with the “Human Excellence Award” from Mehak International Organization in 2008, “National Hero Award” by ARY network in 2010 and “Women of the Year” by Interloop in 2014.

Currently, she is working on a mega project of purpose building for her School which will be a four stories building on 12 kanal land near Chungi Amar Sidhu, Lahore.