Community Welfare Projects

Many projects were initiated under the umbrella of Aalam Bibi according to the needs of community. A project for community development called “Parent Counselling” was initiated in 2009 to enhance awareness and sensitize the role of motherhood. The initiative proved to be a great success and highly appreciated and participated by loads of closer community.


In 2010, “Vocational Training” was initiated; the purpose was to make young women financially stable and independent. The various categories of tailoring i.e. cutting, stitching and embroidery are included in vocational training at Aalam Bibi.  The women, who got skilled enough to run their own centers, were offered interest free loan, for establishing their own business. Currently there are three vocational centers, in Chungi Amer Sadhu, working successfully by skilled trainer of Aalam Bibi.


In 2011, A project of prisoner welfare was initiated, Prisoners were provided different articles of living according to their needs, they were provided counselling and educational facilities in Jail. Facility of lawyer and nominal fine fee were paid to the prisoners who can’t afford it.