The Trust has a humble beginning, In 2005 Farah Deeba Akram, a graduate student, started a street school in a slum area of Chungi Amer Sadhu Kot Lakhpat. She had no experience of running a school and had limited resources. She rented a small house in the locality and 60 students enrolled. The school was run solely by Farah Deeba Akram using her Pocket money and funds donated by her father. She was the only teacher and the administrator of school.


With Almighty Allah’s blessings and through her hard and dedicated work, the school soon gained attention and many generous donors joined the project. Parents of community who were initially skeptical started supporting the cause, by sending their children to school regularly and attending parent-teacher meetings. Every passing year number of students increased.The education bring a positive change in the lives of children and their parents.